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  • teléfonoWe have coverage inDF, Jalisco, Queretaro and Monterrey/Saltillo
  • teléfonoMexico City: Office 5219.2530 | (55) 5277.6277
  • teléfonoGuadalajara: Móvil (33) 3129.0336 | Oficina (33) 3165.5864
  • teléfonoQueretaro: Mobile 44 2141.6403 | Office 44 2245.1295
  • teléfonoMonterrey/Saltillo: Office (81) 4593.0133
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Our services. Vending machines in Mexico.

En Sivending tenemos la convicción de ser los mejores del mercado en máquinas vending. Para ello, contamos con los siguientes servicios.

Office coffee service OCS

We install the best coffee machines in the world: the Italian ones. These machines give us the option to serve eight different flavors:

  • expreso maquinas de cafe en oficina
  • americano maquinas de cafe en oficina
  • cafe con leche maquinas de cafe en oficina
    Coffee with milk
  • capuccino maquinas de cafe en oficina
  • chocolate maquinas de cafe en oficina
  • chocoleche maquinas de cafe en oficina
  • mokaccino maquinas de cafe en oficina
  • agua para te maquinas de cafe en oficina
    Water for tea

The system we use places an espresso coffee machine that grounds the grain at the moment of request any flavor. WE DO NOT USE INSTANT COFFEE. The machine is auto sufficient so that you don’t have to do anything.  Sivending places all the supplies; even the water.

This machine can be open (all flavors are free for the user and the company is the one that pays), closed (each person pays its own consumption) or partially open (the machine charges a percentage and the company, through an invoice, pays the other percentage).

servicio de cafe en oficinas

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